CureNow Wellness is one of the start-up chain of Physiotherapy Clinics in India offering effective and affordable physiotherapy treatment at a Physiotherapy clinic near you with one of the best physiotherapists in your area. We offer comprehensive physiotherapy for a wide variety of conditions like back pain, slipped disc, frozen shoulder, arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, spine issues, posture-related pain, sports injuries, joint replacement surgery, Rehab for Cardiac, Neuro and Respiratory conditions.

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Service for Patient

Orthopedic Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Orthopedic Physiotherapy is the treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system of the patient.

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Knee Rehabilitation

CureNow Physiotherapists provide a comprehensive, and detailed knee rehabilitation program.

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Shoulder Care

The shoulder is an important joint in the human body, so important that it’s called the most mobile joint for humans.

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Spine Care

We at CureNow have seasoned and experienced Physiotherapists, who can offer you intensive spine care

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Neuromuscular Physiotherapy

Neuromuscular Physiotherapy is the advanced physiotherapy that diagnoses and treats disorders related with muscles.

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Neurology Physiotherapy

Neurology Physiotherapy is the treatment of patients who have neurological disorders and impairments such as Stroke.

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Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy

Cardio-respiratory fitness is referred to as the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to provide ample oxygen to skeletal muscles.

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation & Advance Training

Along with sports and activity, comes sports injuries.

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Postural and Ergonomics Consultation

We at CureNow provide Postural and Ergonomics Consultation, which improves your overall usage of muscles.

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Nutrition & Diet Counselling

While diet is essentially the food and drink we consume, nutrition is the science and art of intaking appropriate food and drink.

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Home Services

In this, our Physiotherapists will visit your home and provide the necessary consultations.

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