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Welcome to CureNow, Pune’s leading Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic that is setting new benchmarks in service excellence and customer satisfaction in the healthcare sector.

With CureNow, you can be assured of world-class amenities, result-oriented consultation, and laser-sharp focus on the overall wellbeing of our patrons.

Let’s find out more about Physiotherapy treatment in Pune, and how CureNow can help patients to heal faster, and attain long-term results.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is one of the most critical allied health professions, wherein Physiotherapists provide treatment to improve, restore and maintain a patient’s mobility, range of motions, and general wellbeing. Physiotherapy involves physical rehabilitation, healing from injuries, and they study the science of human anatomy and movement.

Different Types Of Physiotherapy Treatments

The primary Physiotherapy treatments are:

  • • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • • Knee Rehabilitation
  • • Sports physiotherapy
  • • Cardio respiratory Physiotherapy
  • • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • • Knee Rehabilitation
  • • Shoulder Care
  • • Spine Care
  • • Neuromuscular Physiotherapy
  • • Postural and Ergonomics Consultation
  • • Nutrition and Diet Consulting
Best Physiotherapy Treatment In Pune at CureNow Wellness

When it comes to ensuring results, and expert Physiotherapy guidance, then CureNow Wellness is the name to trust and believe. Located at Wadgaon Sheri in Kalyani Nagar Annexe, Pune, CureNow Wellness has been launched by some of the pioneers in the healthcare industry, especially the Physiotherapy domain.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machines that enable our patients to heal faster, and we make sure that the results last longer, so that our patients can lead a normal life, without any dependence on others.

Our UK-trained and certified Physiotherapists have niche expertise for Neurology physiotherapy, Neuromuscular physiotherapy, Shoulder and Spine pain treatment, Facial Palsy Frozen shoulder, Neck pain, Physical rehabilitation, and more.

Benefits of Physiotherapy at CureNow Wellness Pune
  • • Experienced & Certified Physiotherapists
  • • State of the art equipment and machines
  • • Covering a wide range of conditions and diseases
  • • Fully personalized treatment
  • • Home visit service
  • • Centralized location
  • • Professional mentorship and health guidance
  • • Laser-sharp focus on results and wellbeing of our patients
Physiotherapy Clinic Facilities and Covid Care During Physiotherapy Treatment

Our seasoned Physiotherapists are certified and trained from the UK, which translates to exemplary Physiotherapy treatment, based on accurate diagnosis and the current status of the patient concerning pain, mobility, and range of motions.

We have equipped our clinic with some of the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and machines, that have helped hundreds of our patients to recover faster, and drastically improve their condition with gradual and focussed exercises.

Some of the electrical modalities and exercise equipment that Cureness Wellness has deployed for our patients:

  • • Muscle Stimulator
  • • Shortwave Diathermy
  • • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • • Traction: Cervical & Lumbar
  • • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • • Interferential therapy (IFT)
  • • Theraband
  • • Shoulder Wheel & Ladder
  • • DIGIMED 301- Interferential Therapy
  • • DIGIMED 301-TENS
  • • DIGIMED 301-Russian Currents
  • • DIGISONIC- Computerised Lumbar weight Graded Automatic traction.
  • • DIGISONIC- Computerised Cervical weight Graded Automatic traction.
  • • INDOSTEM- Multipurpose Neuropathic Muscle Stimulator with Surge.
  • • Graded Resistance Bands
  • • Graded weight Cuffs
  • • Balance Board
  • • Walker assisted Balance Board
  • • Coordination peg boards and resistance devices

Once the treatment is over, then it’s not the end of our relationship with the patients, but just a start: Our seasoned Physiotherapists will provide consultation and advice on the rehabilitation and recovery process, fully tailor-made as per the patient’s convenience and comfort.

We ensure that our patients are not only able to recover from the injuries or win over the pain, but also enhance their lifestyle and embrace a healthy routine for long-term health benefits.

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I would highly recommend the CURENOW clinic for anyone who is looking for a good physio in Pune. Big thank you to my therapist Dr. Raviraj Francis for his dedication and kindness which made my sessions fruitful. I've felt my mobility improved greatly with all my visits. Followed by good atmosphere and hygiene. Overall a fabulous experience. Probably the best physiotherapy clinic in Pune.

Once again thank you so much to the entire team of CURENOW, Great job and Best wishes.

Josephine Su

3 months back I had shoulder surgery and I was not able to lift up my hand also could not make much movement. Since the time I came to the CureNow for physiotherapy doctor Francis treated me very well that now I am able to move my hand and I'm experiencing so much of relief from pain.

Thank you Dr. Francis for the good treatment. May God bless your sincere service.