CureNow Wellness has revolutionized the high demand industry of Physiotherapy. We are the only franchise in the nation to offer business ownership opportunities to qualified Clinical and Non Clinical individuals seeking an easy to operate, low expense, business model proving quick start-up and return of investment. For this reason, we offer our franchisees a business model developed for a proven success in performance. Giving franchisees ready to start the activity by collaborating directly with them from day one, both helping them to find the ideal place, as in advising and information for selecting and training as necessary to their physiotherapists, and staying in constant contact with both the franchisee as their professionals to keep them informed about news of interest to your clinic, whether technical, professional or commercial. Facilitating daily management of each clinic through software we deliver to our franchisees. Putting your unique and successful tools available marketing to enable it to accelerate the recruitment of patients for its clinics.

If you are Entrepreneur, Physiotherapist, Young professional, dreaming for big business and have space to start planning your own business. We offer you to start a physiotherapy clinic with services of physiotherapy. We will start a clinic on TURNKEY mechanism.

We don’t award this business ownership opportunity to just anyone. We want to understand who you are, what makes you successful and help you determine whether your skills and aptitudes match the skills and aptitudes required to succeed within CureNow Wellness paradigm.

Once you have completed and submitted the online form, one of our Franchise Development Team members will reach out to you to schedule a time to discuss our business model, answer your questions, talk about the industry, our initial investment, as well as well as the role of an owner in our business. We will discuss how buyers will be able to achieve the results they want, using our business model as a vehicle. Get in touch, so our friendly franchise team can assist with your enquiry!