Home Services

Home Services

In case you are recovering from an accident, disease or injury and currently experiencing a loss of functional mobility, then you can opt for our Home Services. In this, our Physiotherapists will visit your home and provide the necessary consultations, and help you to do the recommended exercises and physical therapy.

The focus will be to help you, and empower you to restore your normal day to day activities, and perform them with confidence.

Some situations wherein Home Services for Physiotherapy is recommended:

  • • Your present health condition is severe, and it is not feasible for you to go out of your home for Physiotherapy
  • • Your limited functional mobility doesn’t allow you to move out of your home
  • • Lack of proper transportation from your home to the clinic
  • • Or simply desire to get all the exercises done at your home

Some common diseases/conditions during which Home Service is recommended:

  • • Stroke
  • • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • • Parkinson's disease
  • • Multiple sclerosis
  • • Fracture and after-trauma
  • • Heart disease such as cardiac arrest
  • • Knee replacement or hip replacement
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