Who is a Physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional, who studies the science of movement. They help those who are affected by injury, illness or disability, via 5 major mediums: Movement, Exercise, Manual Therapy, Education & Advice.

As per Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the definition of physiotherapy is:

“Therapy for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disability, injury, or disease that utilizes therapeutic exercises, physical modalities (massage, electrotherapy), assistive devices, and patient education and training.”

A qualified Physiotherapist is the one who has successfully cleared a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and/or Masters of Physiotherapy examination conducted by a recognized educational institution.


Defination, Skills, Expertise

Skills & Expertise

A physiotherapist has studied the human body, and the issues which can stop its movement. Via exercises, movements and related therapies, a physiotherapist is able to improve a patient’s physical conditions and enable them to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

It’s the duty and responsibility of Physiotherapists to improve the patient’s movements and function of their body, treat pain, disease or physical injury. A Physiotherapist’s primary responsibility is to improve the patient’s quality of life and movement potential via prevention, intervention (treatment), promotion, and rehabilitation.

A Physiotherapist will help you to:

  •  Become stronger and more flexible
  •  Breathe easier
  •  Reduce pain and physical suffering
  •  Stay active and healthy
  •  Enhance freedom of movement and mobility
  •  Prevent and heal any injury to any part of the body

Depending on the case and situation, a Physiotherapist is expected to have expertise in different systems of the body such as neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory and more.

What Do We Do?

If you or your family member or friend is suffering from any type of pain, then we at CureNow can help you get relief and freedom from that pain. Our physiotherapists have years of experience in decoding the exact reasons behind that pain and discomfort which is bothering you, and can suggest the best way forward.

Generally, physiotherapists are associated with only rehabilitation from an existing injury, accident. But we at CureNow are different.

We are one step ahead of the curve because we provide much more than just relief from pain: We will analyze the core obstacles which your body is facing, and we will optimize your movements.

We will understand your goals and objectives, and accordingly devise a comprehensive blueprint to achieve those goals, within the stipulated time.

Our trained and experienced Physiotherapists will:

  •  Analyse your existing body movements
  •  Predict injury risk
  •  Discover and report areas of potential injury
  •  Figure out the issues related with strength imbalances
  •  Optimize our patient’s posture, performance, and overall health

Our style of functioning and healthcare strategies are inclined more towards creating a better, fuller and enriched life for our patients and ensure that the momentum is not broken.

We will make you feel better, even if you were not even aware of the possibilities which expert, knowledgeable and practical physiotherapy opens up.

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How Can We Help You?

At CureNow Physiotherapy, our motto and mission are your wellness, mobility and freedom of movement.

Once you enrol in our physiotherapy programs, this is how we will help you:

  •  Our expert physiotherapists will access your problems, based on the symptoms and your case history
  •  Based on the results, we will diagnose the issues which are hampering your mobility and freedom of movement
  •  A comprehensive blueprint of your treatment will be developed
  •  This treatment plan will be executed and implemented at our physiotherapy center or at your home, based on the circumstances and preferences
  •  The results will be evaluated on a periodic basis, and appropriate continuity program will be advised and recommended.