Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy

Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy

Cardio-respiratory fitness is referred to as the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to provide ample oxygen to skeletal muscles, especially during intense physical activity.

The objective and purpose of Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy is to help your lungs, function better, and faster. Infact, Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy can clear lung secretions, prevent and improve lung collapse, and improve breathing of the patients.

Children who are suffering from chronic respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis can use Physiotherapy to improvise and heal. Patients with acute respiratory illness can also use Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy for improving their condition.

Another major application of Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy is for those patients, who are dependent on mechanical ventilation. Proper exercises can help them to prevent and eventually resolve complex respiratory issues, and enable them to stop relying on the ventilators as quickly as possible. This means that after or during exercises, they will spend less time inside the ICU and ensure speedy discharge from the hospital.

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