Shoulder Care

shoulder care

The shoulder is an important joint in the human body, so important that it’s called the most mobile joint for humans. It’s a sort of ball and socket joint, which has several inherent purposes: allows the arms to rotate in circular motion, or to hinge out and away from the body.

As per the biomechanics theory, the shoulder should be flexible enough to execute a wide range of actions for arms and hands, and stable enough to enable actions such as pushing, pulling and lifting.

In case any of these actions by shoulder causes pain, then immediate shoulder care is recommended for all patients. The right treatment and exercises can be only initiated, once our Physiotherapists diagnose the root cause of the problem, and accordingly suggest the best way forward.

If your shoulder is troubling you, then don’t delay. Book an appointment with our experienced and seasoned Physiotherapists, and start the healing process right away.