About Us

CureNow Wellness is one of the start-up chain of Physiotherapy Clinics in India offering effective and affordable physiotherapy treatment at a Physiotherapy clinic near you with one of the best physiotherapists in your area. We offer comprehensive physiotherapy for a wide variety of conditions like back pain, slipped disc, frozen shoulder, arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, spine issues, posture-related pain, sports injuries, joint replacement surgery, Rehab for Cardiac, Neuro and Respiratory conditions.

CureNow Wellness is a physiotherapy specialist - with a team of experienced, highly qualified and expert physiotherapists. We strive to give the most affordable physiotherapy treatment using the latest modalities and most effective & advanced physiotherapy techniques. Our physiotherapists use ‘Exercise as Medicine’ and ‘Education as a tool’ to ensure long-lasting recovery for their patients. They help you recover and train you to maintain your activity levels even after the treatment is over and guide you on how to prevent injury or recurrence of a specific condition in the future.


To be a performance-oriented, customer-centric and a leading Health-tech Company. We aim to achieve this by

Providing affordable care with optimum results

Increasing our footprint and YOY market share in the markets we operate

Being among the largest specialized medical consultants for the solutions we offer

Being acknowledged as the preferred place to work


We will

Be a single-source provider for medical solutions we offer for our customers

Discover and analyze customer’s needs and recommend the right consultation for speedy recovery

Maintain a corporate philosophy and attitude which takes care of people, service and profit

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